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    Ai: miles, only 16S aecoiid.s af(cr be- Ins launched by a mother ship hi fll Bh L ip Ic-f URht-(o-Uio-«d RO-o I . Kennedy Greets High School Students at Wliite House WASIIINQTON, June 31 W - President Kennedy creeled (trad- uates of Miclilffan's Olen Lake community hinh school at the White House today and (old thcni "no group of hlnh school stu- dents han ever been more wel- come In Waahln Eton or at this The 33 students received spe- cial acclaim because they decided to Rive lip their Ion (-planned class trip to Wash In r Ion and use their aavlnss lo help pay Uie medical bills of an ailing class- mate. Announcement ot aw _ ners wllf conclude the four-daj gathering tonight. The iwurees nnid the first ship- load of 300 refugees will arrlvi next Wed neiidav nbonrd the Brit' Ish frclghler Qzechunn. Wednesday for sen'lce In £Umpplni Float Slated By~Qianiner At Gooding GOODINO. JDNB S3 & 23, to ex- amlne eve s and fit g bt.-aes. ECARBOROUa H enjoys the Dim CDLT CASES ond dell Rhls In helping them. SCARBORODOH for EXCELLENT SERVICE and LATEST STYLE FRAMES. In sporl.i and school nc^, livltlfs thro URhoul hu sophomore year at Kimberly hlith school. June 30, I J Al Tonr Favnrlto Ororrr MINCED HAM Fatli lira Sliced "1 ,..39e GROUND BEEF Frcih 2 ,^ 79c CORN r"*H Opin ■ Id S Di% - Cloud luxdirl - OOID STRIKE ITAMPI Northside Grocery Hcyburn Avenue or Joekion 733-4775 i' Salesmen's . Mac Arthur Will Preach At Methodist Church Sunday The nev. One small 'able was perched on a plonk that itretched acraa the pool with three choirs around It only Inches from the edge. Astronaut John H, Olenn, In the booth were Pete Schmidt. Polaroid and Xerox show liij Itx Tses of seven or more n their lows. S.' savings bonds to Individuals, which doesn't Inflate the supply of money.

    A flood of glftt from other ■ourccs enabled them to make the. "All the lessons that thli capital and this house m'l Rht have taught you. About 100 pro J fesalonai wrltera are altemjlnr' the-8e»alonrlhe-f|r(H-mf«t! Boots and Raws 1*1 Name of Club Boots nnd Bows -Flfly- flvc n. June 21-PUn B for a float to be entered In the Pio- neer day pmde July U at Hbb- erman were (IUc Uii«d-when Uie Ooo'dlnd Chamber of Commerce met Tuesday noon at the Lin- coln inn. Kimberly Scout Receives Duty To God Award KIMDKlt LY, June 31 — James R. Olsen Is busy this summer help- on the family farm and 'orkln B to fulfill the require- ments for encle Scout. Aher-Hputs Phone Numbers DICK di LLENWATER LEONARD FISCHER 733-1587 . OO witli th» oritt forxo balowl Onl; the finest frulta riponed In tb« nm ore oboloo onoush for Krait Jel Uea Bb Prtwerv M. A Rreni many looi U were down between one and two points. Universal Leaf and Consolidated Clsar In the tobsc^ coa, Norfolk and Wea Urn ant Kansas City Soulliern in tlic ralli. AI'Kr UIIT Cash i TWO OF THE r OUR-IIORSE tratiu trained In l Uly for the mntloo pictare. bulrh'n UM-lt Toti Uatar Gib DTKin Ct B U*e C«n Uaton J Thlliol Chrre Cc Ad Htli *T% Trmnii B Corp 111 Cwlinr Bl! i fli W(,t Bus IIU Un Carbid* 17 Gnrltoa Bd 13H Un Oil Cd K SO 1DU Inl Hir ISS Unl Air Uii ll •r t T'i Un! Orthodox economic doctrine L' snowr " ' " nimalaynn peak. the high tude vlllane of Namchc Barar In the region of Mt.

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    O00- pound (en Rlne shot While steeply upward wl Ui ■uch force tliat he reached np- proxhna Uly 350.000 feet. Grant Saw'er says Nc- va Avi has less than one per cent of (he total legal Rambtlns In the United Stntes, Sawyer told the 12nd annual convention of the U. Junior Chamber of Commerce that of 3S sta[e3 w Uh Ic Ral samblln R. Tlie Nevada camln R Industry 'exists by sanction of the people of the atole who have e.ilabllshed Ihe tight rtirutatlons that control It," Sawyer said. Engineers Spurn Pact Of Airlines Innocent in Auto Death cummin J aald the quarter panel stamping plant wu moved here from Chicago last Novem- Xdart ^^''Jw^a'lfe "an h^H? Both sides agree that the av- erage at the Walton Hills plant ( here before the strike was 313 .\(^, Burllngame. Mont.; Rutherfoi ' Montgom«ry,~IIo Ily a.ood,-C»I| i and Olen Batch, noise. brlwccn the Pel- ping regime nnd the Brlllrfi cot- onv on the China const. ond Mr A, Floyd Ohm, Kimberly, received the Duty to God owiird Sundiiy evenlnu at the Kimberly LDS church .icn'lcfs. As a member of the Order of the Arrow and Explorer past No. He wns required cln.u Ec Dut, active In church activities and to partic- ipate In a welfare project. Social Swim Makes Splash For Kennedys WASHINQTON, Junne 31 W— "In the social swim" usuallv de- scribes someone who's making « splash on the champagne and caviar circuit. It haopened the other nlsht at ...1 outside dinner - dance for abbof SOO'filven by the attomer Bcneral and his wife at their Virginia estate. s Litcr— the donee lloor extended from a bode fence right to the edcc of the swimming pool. nie formerly Blnmorous (trowih itoeka were pummelled will IBM. Tlib ni Mna e.tpnndlnff the aupp'.v o( money, and credit, as distinguished from borrowing throuflh of U.

    jojt u (he union nnnounec- -eil wl Ui rciipect lo EMitru 0S P*" Amerlenn wm slvrti Jo unmen. .battled epondlcally Ix Um houri ouialde a meellnit bl on Wed QCflday ni Rtil, Ti^v Uoie Uiv cock Ul U were toucd bui a no duna RC. e Te_lt_lo _ be antl-busliiess Is a tremendous psychological factor.

    Dutlni the melee, a dulamy tttneu of Cajtro vaa traint— The huute hraded In final ihnwd Dwn on Trcildent Kcnnrdy'i bl[ farm ronlrot hill today after rotlni to pay c»h lubildlrn r;iniln K up to aboul i eenta a quart to fanners who *olunlarll)' reduced inilh pro- duetlun. June 21 m — lloime Democriitic leaders hope to push tbrou;rh the administration'H coii' farm bill late today by the inartriti of a few vo Iqu. The ex Uteoce of this spread belief Is undoubtedly the' thing that triggered the itoclc market plunge.

    i Ini; only Mi Rhtly from (heir low points In early after- . When pessi- mism and uncertainty re Ign, Ihey sit tight. This being Ihe case, the New Prontler-«l the Terr i„ ful Uy of comt)leteirr«i standing the w^tir S? ■1^^ ""Uty or"^^ gorerianent ~appur int J^ onlitlc. that the system can (u J,-., ter It the tho natural law S 1^-^ demand with Ut X'*i« ta^e^^nsme of the "Tub",*^ Our na Uonal economr i, ., tricalo and s*n«ltl,7L»^ - ^th could w* hove a spade sull olherw K* W would have shown It "'""', ^ With many holdings Norin would simply go to three no- trump over Iho three s^* ^° and south would pass.

    Many, particularly elcc- ' , Ironies, were showing ap- preciable drops for the day. "Their money remains Idle and the wherewlthil for bus- iness expansion and growth Is Ithdrawn, Consequently, the nglng battle ver whetlier the Kennedy ad- ministration Is, in actual foot, anti-business becomes largely ac- ademic- The thing that hos slowed- do wn . Am erlcan - econ' omy and sent the stock motlcet Into the doldrums Is the prevnil- Ing conviction that tlic govem- menl Ls adimantly oppa W lo price Jnerco Ms and only weakly oppoied to new union wage de- mands. Wim jw actual ho Ulng North might «" jump all the way to s U fll UW"'^ but ot least he would Jump U H" and South could' certainly F to s U after that bid. a h ~ Z ~ Z " ~ " ~,~V99 ANGEL FOOD CAKES 59* each OVCN FRESH RAISIN SQUARES 6 for 25c LARGE LOAF SHEEPHERDER BREAD 23 loaf Thuredoy, June 21, 1962 6 Twin Foils Times-News Thousands of Chinese Sail For Foriinola TAIPn, pormou, June 31 (cn —Reliable wnircea today said the tnmster ot thotuuuida of Chinese communlit refutteca from Honj Kong to Formosa will set under way next week. Srcom I icnm »i Mrs, Harry Ll Ehl, Mr.v \v h Baninrri.

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