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    Some youth leaders think it’s unreasonable to wait until you are 30 years old, Botvar says. The key members of AMMA, who attended the press conference, were visibly annoyed by some questions posed by the members of the media regarding Dileep’s alleged role in the case. It’s important to work on keeping this speed value as low as possible.

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    Kurds would hereafter be used in great numbers in the armies of the Zengids.Succeeding the Zengids, the Kurdish Ayyubids established themselves in 1171, first under the leadership of Saladin.According to Barhebreaus, a king appeared to the Kurdanaye and they rebelled against the Arabs in 829.Michael the Syrian considered them as pagan, followers of mahdi and adepts of Magianism.The total number of Kurds in 1991 was placed at 22.5 million, with 48% of this number living in Turkey, 18% in Iraq, 24% in Iran, and 4% in Syria.

    Due to the Turkic invasion of Anatolia, the 11th century Kurdish dynasties crumbled and became incorporated into the Seljuk Dynasty.According to Mackenzie, there are few linguistic features that all Kurdish dialects have in common and that are not at the same time found in other Iranian languages.Commenting on the differences between the dialects of Kurdish, Kreyenbroek clarifies that in some ways, Kurmanji and Sorani are as different from each other as is English from German, giving the example that Kurmanji has grammatical gender and case endings, but Sorani does not, and observing that referring to Sorani and Kurmanji as "dialects" of one language is supported only by "their common origin ...The Kurds are the majority population in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, and are a significant minority group in the neighboring countries of Turkey, Iran, and Syria, where Kurdish nationalist movements continue to pursue greater autonomy and cultural rights.Kurdish holds official status in Iraq as a national language alongside Arabic, is recognized in Iran as a regional language, and in Armenia as a minority language.

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