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    It’s simple and allows you to connect with other women to just talk about fashion, food, culture music and everything else. Around the clock we give interested people the opportunity to take part in any event of the world, and to be inspired by all the events that matter most to people.earth TV does not simply awaken my curiosity, it does not just surprise me time and again, earth TV keeps inspiring me with a unique way to connect the world live.

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    Serena turns out to be a bit of an odd drunk and Ash himself finds himself at the end of a few accusations that he never saw coming.Primal - Harry Potter/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel Crossover - Set in a universe where both are one.(Also, a challenge.)Cyber Maelstrom - Naruto/Beyblade Crossover - Set in a world where Naruto is born in the Beyblade universe.Born into the same tribe as the Saint Shields, Naruto is a contender for Flash Leopard alongside Ozuma - but is ultimately pulled from the running by the village chief, Ozuma's father playing favoritism. Nearing the completion of the mission, and infiltrating the Psychics, Naruto is chosen to wield Cyber Dragoon as the strongest blader under their command.And basing the level of enemy pokemon on rough estimates taken from encounters in game, like the average wild Tentacool being level 23, or Surge's Raichu being level 28.This is what I have so far: Pikachu – Medium Fast - Level 36 – 47,889Xp - After owning Scyther of the Yas Gym with a ketchup bottle.So, while reading the Pokemon Manga, I got interested in implementing the level system actually in world, so using Ash's travels I decided to use the games as a way to estimate his Pokemon's levels.Currently, I've worked on it for about 6 hours, taking in each fight shown in the anime whether they be wild encounters, team rocket or trainer battles.

    Charmeleon – Medium Slow – Level 55 – 168,673 Xp- Gains Boosted Xp – After Beating 34 wild Exeguttor.Pokemon Academy is the highest rated, and only inter-regional academy, only the best of the best can gain entrance.Enter Ash Ketchum age 12, seeking to rise from the shadow of his famous father, Giovanni.Krabby – Medium Fast – Level 20 – 8000 Xp – After Capture Muk – Medium Fast – Level 38 – 54,872 Xp – After Capture Tauros – Slow – Level 28 – 27,440 – After Capture Butterfree – Medium Fast - Level 19 – 7482 Xp – After beating 7 Tentacool at level 23 – Released. Primeape - Level 29 - Ash didn't get the chance to train Primeape at all.Primeape – Medium Fast – Level 29 – 25,437– After winning P1 Championship – In Training The only problem is, that this only takes into account levels gained through battles and not through actual training. Evolving Skills - A story that branches out during Ash's battle with Richie during the Indigo Plateau Conference.

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